Yesterday, Thursday the 3rd March 2016, I attended Confex.
I don’t recall if this is my very first time, but definitely this is one to remember. Why?

Before I go into it, let me take a second to thank my partner: GEORAMA. Thank you for giving me this great platform, where not only I could film my interviews from ‘the comfort of my phone’, but also live stream them at the same time and got them recorded for future use. If you aren’t familiar with Georama yet, check them at

Right, so what did I do at Confex?
Walked around, met some new people, some old great industry friends, grabbed some interviews and listened to some presentations/panel discussions.

Wasn’t I super lucky?
I got to interview 4 experts (yes, I could have done more, but ‘networking’ was a priority). Why did I choose them? Because I am their fan! Seriously, they are incredible at what they do and I love talking to them and spending time with them.

So, my 4 experts were:
Stephane Doutriaux, Founder and CEO at Poken.
Andrew Spode Miller, Director at JustFDI (ThinkWall)
Susan Heaton-Wright, Creative Director Viva Live Music and Voice & Public Speaking Trainer at Executive Voice
Pyry Taanila, Co-founder at Catchbox

Although some of you might have seen those interviews while they were live streaming, each week I’ll be sharing one, including a little write up with ‘what they do’ and ‘what I have learned’.

In conclusion, I’d like to THANK once again GEORAMA for partnering with me and allowing me to use this amazing platform.

Also, thank you to Simon Farnfield, Confex Sales Director for allowing me to go around the show floor and get those interviews.

Big shout out to: Richard Makara, Robert Dunsmore, Susan Heaton-Wright, Christina Petrova for the chats and catch ups.

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