When at Confex, I stopped by one of my favourite #eventtech and using Georama to live stream and record, I grabbed an interview with Pyry Taanila, Co-Founder and Head of Design & Sales at Catchbox.

What is Catchbox?
Catchbox is an award-winning event technology provider and the developer of the soft, throwable microphone for audience engagement. Designed to be thrown into the audience. It’s a fast, simple and effective alternative to traditional stick microphones.

TopTip: Give participants the power to interact and be part of the event.

Who is Pyry?

Pyry Taanila is the co-founder and the Chief Design Officer at Catchbox, a company that makes the worlds’ first throwable microphone for audience engagement. He is an advocate of design thinking and strong user- centered design. He is an inspiring example of a young and open- minded entrepreneur in design business, who has succeeded in commercializing an innovation and building a totally new product segment utilizing design.
Together with a team, Pyry developed the throwable Catch- box microphone which is a carefully thought-out and designed product for big audiences. It brings quite a new element to events, increasing the interactivity, flow and playfulness of the event. Pyry was awarded Finland’s Young Designer of the Year Award in 2015.

To get in touch with Pyry, go to getcatchbox.com

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