Event Uncovered Media Kit 2017

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Events Uncovered TV is an exceptional resource for event professionals.

It was started by Silvia Pellegrini in January 2014 to educate and connect event professionals worldwide.

It covers interviews with experts and blog posts about event planning, marketing, social media, the use of video, blogging, vlogging, attendees and their behaviour, catering, business, sustainability, technology, team building, networking, entertainment, education, emotions, branding, collaboration, weddings, venues and communication.


Our web traffic is strong and continuously improving.

Total visits have increased by 47%.
Average time on page has increased by 76%.
(1Jan/31Mar 2016 and 1Jan/31Mar 2017)



“Silvia has an amazing approach to both her professional and personal life, as soon as she steps in to a room it’s like a breath of fresh air. This translates over to her interviews and articles on eventsuncovered.tv. If you are looking for original, inspiring content to help build and progress yourself and your business within the events industry the Silvia and her content is a MUST. This does come with a warning; her smile is contagious.”
Adam Parry – Editor of Event Industry News

“Silva provides insight and knowledge and shares this with the events industry. She utilises her contacts to provide this understanding or developments in our industry!”
Ryan Curtis-Johnson –DRP Group

“Events Uncovered is one of the best channels for event education. The varied topics and opinions have given the Event Tech Lab community new and valuable insights into the industry.”
James Morgan PhD CSEP -James Morgan Associates Limited

“With as fractional as the world of events are with all our associations and acronyms, Silvia has crossed the isle and presents a body of work that can help grow anyone willing to spend the time absorbing the sage advice of the very best.”
Nick Borelli –Borelli Strategies

“Silvia taps into the Intel that our industry thought leaders can share with the rest of us. Her content library is a must-bookmark resource for all event professionals!”
Dahlia El Gazzar –Dahlia+

“Silvia has provided an incredible resource for the events industry, bringing together some of the biggest names and most brilliant minds from around the globe.”
Aubri Nowowiejski -Student Event Planners Association


To begin sponsorship with Events Uncovered TV, please contact Silvia at silvia@eventsuncovered.tv