21 Feb 2014
February 21, 2014

Event Childcare

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Event childcare is a unique topic in event management and special events. Event childcare services can span a broad range like babysitting services, childcare, and even wedding and special event nannies and nanny services.

Let’s explore some of the more popular event childcare services at-a-glance.

Babysitting Service

Event childcare providers usually offer some kind of formal babysitting service at your event. This is not like calling up the teenage daughter of one of your parents to come over and babysit your children while you’re at the event. This is formal, professional babysitting that takes place at your event. So, if your event goes on and stretches into the night, there will be experienced, professional childcare for your children. This gives parents peace of mind so that they can continue to enjoy the occasion and relax. The babysitter offered by an event childcare service will usually be a qualified nursery nurse, nanny, or wedding nanny who works as a childcare professional during the day.

Entertainment-Based Childcare

If you are going to have a small or large group of children attending your event, and you’re not sure what kind of entertainment they’ll require, pick an event childcare service that offers some kind of amusing entertainment for the little ones at the event.

Special Event Nannies

A wedding or special event nanny provided by an event childcare service will offer you a nanny, but there is usually a minimum amount of time that you have to hire them for. Your children will be able to enjoy the benefits of an approved, experienced, qualified, and hand-picked nanny to entertain, and care for, them.

What service do you use? How do you deal with Event Childcare?

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