David Benitez is the co-founder of Content Cocktails and he is a very passionate individual on human interactions in a humane kind of way! He is very dedicated to support the different destinations to better adapt and to reach out to the Global Meetings Industry community in the most effective way.  David is also an expert in connecting people to do business in the Travel and Meetings Industry market place. David has recently joined forces with the Travel Weekly Group to help organise Connections Meetings- the first designed H2H (Human 2 Human) event in history. Connections is breaking the mould of the “usual” b2b workshops and conferences by actually applying designed programme methodology for suppliers and buyers to live out experiences that will create strong bonds for long lasting business relationships. Prior to Connections Meetings, David launched successfully the award winning educational summits called “IBTM Talks” for Reed Travel Exhibitions, a series of tailor-made events that have provided insight to meeting planners and Suppliers in various regions across the world. Finally, David has experience in launching and project managing “Evento Days”, the Leading Meetings Industry Exhibition in Spain. David has shared his knowledge on developing mutual trust at networking events, designed event programs, the hormones of bonding, experiences and snails.

To get in touch with David, go to david@cocoa.network

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