Why should your audience care for your event? Unless you are unveiling some unprecedented technology, a product that would change the lives of the last person living in the farthest hamlet in the country or something that will galvanize public interest, your guests would not be very excited about your event. Most attendees at events are regulars and they go through such events like routine. They are neither too psyched about it nor are they very hopeful of something wonderful. At best, they are there to expand their network. And while that does cater to their interests, it does nothing for the event organizer.

An event can be made much more happening if the audience is taken care of. Now, what can the audience be provided with to make it exciting or satiating for them? The simple answer is good food, a calm and relaxed setting and some games to have fun.

  • Healthy food is a rarity these days. Whether it is a spread or a food packet, some drinks or just some quick snacks, unhealthy food is a bummer. Healthy food is not just good for your guests but they would also be pleasantly surprised. There are innumerable people who attend events but don’t even touch a snack. They have developed this practice owing to the unhealthy foods typically served at events.
  • A stress-free environment is also quintessential. Most event organizers are so focused on their programs that they don’t allow the guests to unwind or relax and there is certainly little time to laze around. Event planners must stop thrusting the programs and rushing from one to another. It doesn’t help. The guests must not be put on a rollercoaster ride. Not only should the program be set at an easy pace but guests must also have resources to relax. From having designated places for a quiet chat to putting together some really nice chairs and a smart seating arrangement, guests must not feel uncomfortable or be exposed to a lot of fuss and hullaballoo all the time.
  • Finally, a few games can make an otherwise bland event interesting and fun. People of all ages love games. You can choose games for appropriate age groups as well depending on who you target audience is. Taking care of attendees is one of the primary jobs of an event planner or organizer. Sadly, that has taken a backseat in recent years.
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