05 Dec 2014
December 5, 2014

Effective Lead Generation Tips

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Generations have passed and yet organizing an event is still marked as a tedious job. Nevertheless, with the help of the modern facilities, events have become more sophisticated and at the same time can hold greater number of participants. What’s more when event organizers can actually lead more people now to their planned event?

Leading people to your event is not an easy task. But thanks to the latest innovations and developments in technology today that one can actually lead generations to an event. And event marketing is one of the most suited as well as effective means in leading these people to your event. Read on and find helpful tips in securing attendees for your planed event.

Lead Generations

  • Planning an event also includes the number of participants you want to invite in your event. Hence, you must ensure that your invitees will come. It is vital that you send them gentle reminders of the upcoming event and you can do this through an email campaign or by discussing subtly the great benefits and advantages the event can provide them. You can accomplish this task and make sure to use metrics as well as the forms to actually see those who are interested. You may also get information like their mobile numbers.
  • Don’t stop sending reminders and make the most of it by giving a little personal touch. Your messages may include the details about the event such as the venue where it will be held and the specific time as well as date.
  • Your lead generation plan does not end when the event is already being held. You still have to work on it even during the event. Hence, it is vital to have a complete list of the people you have invited. This way, you can get to monitor who have made it to the event and those who are not able to come. Absentees are subject to follow ups after the event.
  • The best way to follow up those who have missed your event is to send them e-newsletter that specifically relays how successful the event was. It would be more encouraging if there are pictures to go with the newsletter. Also, it is significant to offer your time in order to talk with them about their missing the event so that the next time that you organize another event, they will be more encouraged to come.
  • Your potential prospects who were not able to attend may still be a target in your lead generations plan.

Lead Generation Example

To lead generations to your event, it is essential to actually determine the interests of your attendees. Hence, it is very helpful to actually optimize the use of the modern facilities.

An example of which was done by the Tasting Table during their Lobster Roll Rumble held annually. This is a competition of the greatest lobster rollers. And by the use of the latest technology, the event successfully determined the real interests of its participants without the hassle of manual tallying of votes. More than 90% of the participants voted and it was a big hit. The data provide not just the tastes of the participants but also let them share their experience to social media sites instantly.

Thus, planning your next event must also make use of such technology integrated date collector. This way, you can get to more informed about the interests of your potential prospects.

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