Setting up an event can be difficult. There are so many things to keep in mind. There are so many factors that you have to keep up with. This list will hopefully make it easier for you to keep everything in mind as you are approaching your event registration. If you are unsure about how to proceed, this list will help you go through everything, at least, so you’ll know where you could conceivably start.

The Venue Name – Once you’ve selected the type of venue, like a conference room, hotel, or building, you need to advertise that venue name well in advance of the event registration. Do this through as many social networks as possible. Ideally, your event will already be listed on the social networks. Or, you might have a page for your organization. Either way, advertise the event registration well in advance. You want people to be able to buy the tickets without having to show up at the venue to purchase the tickets on the day of the event.

When – Make sure that everyone is clear about the date and time of the event. Make certain that the when is advertised heavily on your Facebook or event registration mailing list. It’s critical that you send out repeated reminders.

Decide the kinds of payments you will accept for the event registration. Cash and checks are fairly easy to deal with. Have a plan in place if you cannot process credit cards. Have the destination of a nearby ATM machine. It is critical to have a trustworthy process for taking different payment methods. You don’t want any potential attendees to be turned down when they are trying to get into the event.

Conference registrations are the main sources of income for events, and handling the attendee registration and payments is critical. You must have the volunteers working the event registration booth have a professional attire and attitude. Make sure that they wear t-shirts or uniforms that are all the same.

Image courtesy of Ambro:FreeDigitalPhotos.netEvent planners should also use the registration process to collection attendee data for marketing purposes after the conference. All of these event attendees are crucial targeted leads. Some of them may not be listed on your Facebook page or in your social network. They may have been invited by others. It’s important to collect their information.

Try to choose a provider for your event registration volunteers, or employees whatever the case may be, that offers excellent automated payment handling, good attendee management, and a discount and cancellation system, if you’re using software and computers at the event to help manage the registration and attendance features. These are incredibly important if you are going to process the attendees in a uniform manner, make sure they all get in if they want to, and process any refunds that may come up. If your event registration volunteers are unfamiliar with the software, make sure they practice it beforehand.

How do you make your registration process easy for your attendees?

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