Dublin! Let me tell you about my first day in Dublin.

Dublin DAY #1

After we got picked up from the airport, we made our way to Airfield Estate. It’s a working farm and it has 38 acres of agricultural land, ornamental gardens, a state of the art interactive heritage experience, a restaurant and event & educational spaces. They have cows, pigs, chickens, horses, sheep, goats and more. Shauna Morton, Sales, Marketing and Events Manager showed us around. I loved how she mixed history, funny facts and event business possibilities. She sold Airfield Estate to me, by sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm about this incredible place. 1927 Rolls RoyceWe learned the history of two strong, independent Irish sisters, Letitia and Naomi, who lived life to the full. As part of our tour we also got to pick our eggs for our breakfast and sit in Letitia’s 1927 Rolls Royce!
Breakfast was de-li-cious and they gifted us with a little treat (yummy flapjacks). What I really loved is that activities, style, food, education are all based on how the two sisters lived their lives…and meals and treats are created from products fresh from their farm and gardens. What a start of a day that was!

We jumped in the car, and in no time, between excitement, chats and laughs we arrived at our destination: RDS, The Royal Dublin Society. What an impressive venue! It was founded in 1731. It’s “supported by membership subscriptions and commercial activities which continues to fulfil its commitment to furthering the broad economic and cultural development of Ireland.” Shepherd around by the lovely Adrienne Hughes, we had the honour to visit: Dublin Horse show

  • Industries Hall, with an outstanding ceiling
  • The RDS Library & Archives, a private library used by Members of the Royal Dublin Society and researchers interested in the social, cultural, agricultural and scientific history of Ireland over the last three centuries.
  • The main arena, an outdoor stadium that caters for concerts of up to 35,000 and hosts the world renowned Dublin Horse Show
  • And the concert hall

My favourite: the library. Spacious and peaceful that gave me that fulfilling feeling of greater good.

Off we went, and it was time to eat again.
We arrived at Roly’s Bistro, and got a beautiful window seat. This is a very popular restaurant, where local and international celebrities are often seen. (And before you ask, Nope, we didn’t spot any celebrity!)
I really enjoyed my dish: chips and prawns scampi.

Jimmy, the coolest driver ever, picked us up and took us to our next activity. We went for a bike tour. Not what you are thinking. These were LAZY BIKES. (using e-bikes, that have a small motor in the rear wheel that is powered by a battery to asset you while you peddle. Lazy Bike ToursThe motor works when you start to peddle and will asset you up to 25kph.)

I was so excited to ride, that I kind of zoomed out when our guide, Hugh Flood, was explaining the what’s and how’s. Nevertheless, it was amazing. The tour was so enjoyable that 1 hour felt like 15 minutes. Surely, that was thank to Hugh, who stopped at some of Dublin’s iconic spots and share some history and interesting anecdotes. It was great to see Dublin from a different perspective. I truly recommend these tours.

Next was the Leprechaun Museum. I am not necessarily a Museum person. But regardless, if you are or if you are interested in Leprechauns, you need to go there. Why? Because of the tour guide.
Leprechaun Museum


She kind of freaked me out when she started, but SHE WAS THE BEST. Storyteller?
She is it. I never stopped looking or listening to her. Passionate, funny, sarcastic, knowledgeable, entertaining. I know I have said this already, but SINEAD IS THE BEST STORYTELLER EVER.

We were now ready for our final stop.

We were driven to Carton House.  I don’t really think I can explain or describe how beautiful this is. It’s a restored historic mansion located about 20 minutes from Dublin. It includes: 1,100-acre private parkland with two Championship Golf Courses, a leisure centre with pool, Spa, Training Pitches, Tennis Courts, Purpose Built Events Centre and state of the art conference facilities. Need I say more? We were met by Melissa O Grady and Monica O Byrne.

But, we didn’t come here to sleep. No. First, we play, we ate and then..a few hours later, we slept.
Xtreme.ieDropped our bags and we were off to the best experience ever. What? Off road driving. Yes, yours truly really drove! John from Xtreme.ie showed us around and then let me take the wheel of the land rover. I loved it. Instead of thinking twice or seat and relax, I went for it. How do I know I enjoyed? I couldn’t stop smiling. And laughing. Yes, see my team members at the back, holding on and being thrown all over, was also very entertaining. =)

We were given our keys and off we went to our rooms. Stunning. Everything about it was perfect. Even the little edible golf course and USB pen gift left on the table for us.

An hour later and we were ready for dinner. The food was seriously beautiful and delicious and the pre starter made by the chef went down a treat.  Seating by this wall high window, gazing at a wonderfully peaceful green picture perfect outside, we ate and talked and laughed.

At midnight, almost like a modern Cinderella, I made my way to that big and super comfortable bed.

Yes, this was only day 1. Was I tired? Possibly. But I was really happy and buzzing.

Next week, Day #2. A skyline tour, drinks, dogs and bells*.

THANK YOU: Mary & Dublin Convention Bureau and Elena & ILEA UK .


(*and more)

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