You aren’t thinking about hosting a corporate event without desserts, are you? The right desserts can make all the difference in just how excited, talkative, and satisfied your event attendees become – and they can have a measurable impact on event success. Who doesn’t get excited when they see a table full of delectable, exotic, and delicious desserts? If you can associate those good feelings to your event, you’re definitely a smarter event host than most. When your event attendees consume those desserts, they’ll be in a better mood for networking, too. They might want to stay longer and mingle. They’ll certainly be in a happier place to be more receptive to whatever message you’re speaking about.

Choosing the right catering company is all that it takes. A catering company worth its salt can provide you with trays full of the same dessert, or they can craft hundreds of individual desserts. Looking through the websites of caterers in your area can give you an idea of what they can offer.

What Are Some Ideas For Desserts At Corporate Events?

  1. Chocolate Ganache
  2. Ice Cream with unique flavors
  3. Sorbet with fresh berries & cream
  4. Roulades
  5. Briadeiros
  6. Pavlova
  7. Sacher Torte
  8. French Pastry
  9. Fudge
  10. Ice Cream Cake
  11. Cherry Turnover
  12. Banana Split
  13. Apple Pie
  14. Angel Food Cake
  15. Bourbon Vanilla Cream
  16. Dark Chocolate Mousse
  17. Chocolate Pastel Tulip Cups
  18. Crème Brulee
  19. Tiramisu
  20. Apple Pear Crumble
  21. Meyer Lemon
  22. Cherry Cheesecake
  23. Coconut Macaroons
  24. Carrot Cake
  25. Lemon Bar
  26. Bittersweet Chocolate Almond Torte
  27. Molten Chocolate Cake
  28. Pear and Almond Tart
  29. Strawberry and Rhubarb Fruit Crisp
  30. Lemon Tart

Some catering companies can customize desserts with a corporate logo, color, or theme. Most catering companies that take on corporate events can customize desserts that coordinate with the type of event and theme thereof.

Corporate Event Dessert Presentation

A corporate event organizer can always change things up a little with some creative dessert presentation at their corporate event. Presentations like trios of mini desserts, martini glasses, itty-bitty spoons, and tiny shooter glasses are all fun options. Talk to the catering company you’re thinking abouchoosing about what presentation options they have.

The Seasonal Availability Of Certain Desserts

Oftentimes, the fruits in season will determine the dessert selection you have at any given caterer. Strawberries, raspberries, and plums are available in the summer, and persimmons, kiwis, and blackberries are available in the winter. Chocolate is available year-round. Traditional desserts should be available year-round, but desserts with certain fruits may be somewhat restricted at some times of the year.

Go For The Dessert Buffet

It’s a lot more prudent to have a whole multitude of desserts for your event attendees to choose from. You never know who is going to be allergic to what, who doesn’t like chocolate, and who wants to cut back on calories with fruit-based desserts.

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