If you are having an event such as a wedding reception you may be thinking that you will simply flip a light switch at the venue to create the mood that you want. However, if you want your event to be memorable, you may want to consider some other lighting choices as well. When lighting is done right it can make everything look much better. Here are some tips for planning the lighting of your event.

Choosing a Professional

The first step is to find a lighting specialist. Ask your event planner or your wedding florist to provide their own lighting as many do their own lighting. If they do not do their own they might have a lighting professional that they work with regularly. The coordinator of your venue may also be able to recommend a lighting professional.

Visit your venue when it is dark outside. Make sure to consider where the fixed lighting is focused. You want to keep people’s attention focused on the dance floor, tables, and each other and any lights that are illuminating the walls and ceilings may draw attention away from your décor.

Types of Lighting

There are several types of lighting available for your consideration. A pin spot refers to a focused beam of light that will shine onto an object such as your wedding cake or centrepiece. A color wash can be great for a wedding as it creates a blanket of light in a specific color that covers an entire area. Gobos can be used to create designs and patterns of light throughout the venue. LED lighting can be great for vibrant colors and color changes. These lights do not get as hot and do not use as much energy.

When considering colored lighting you may want to think outside of your wedding color palette. If your wedding color is sage, try to stay away from green lighting as it might be too much. Consider colors that are complimentary for many skin tones such as a soft rose or magenta. You can also take advantage of the effects color can have on the atmosphere by changing the shades throughout the night. For example, golden tones can be used for a sunset cocktail hour and soft lighting, such as candles can be used throughout dinner. A little excitement can be added by using stronger colors later in the evening.

Choose the Right Lights

Candles can be a great choice for lighting a venue. Hosting an evening dinner by candlelight can be extremely romantic. In addition to candles you may want to consider LED lights or other soft lighting for cocktail hour. A color wash can distinguish different areas of the venue such as the dance floor and the bar.

Overall, lighting for an event is extremely important and something that you should consider during your event planning. Take the time to talk to a professional about the different options that are available for your particular venue.

What types of lights do you use? Are lights really that important to create an atmosphere?

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