Creating the perfect event that is memorable and enjoyable for all your guests is not easy. There is a lot of effort and planning that goes into an event of any size. When you want to create an engaging event that excites, you need to appeal to all five senses. Events that focus on the five senses are the ones that are the most memorable and often the most entertaining. It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a summertime barbecue in the backyard or a formal professional event at a luxurious location, you need to create an engaging event through the five senses.


What your guests see the moment that they arrive at your event will make a big impression. You want beautiful décor to meet their eyes at first glance. The design of your event is what all guests will see immediately and you want it to be visually appealing. This means choosing just the right table centerpieces and organizing all décor to look cohesive.


It is important to consider the noises that your guest will be hearing the moment that they set foot at your event. If your part is outdoors this might involve birds chirping or water falling. If you are planning an event indoors, you might consider ambient music to set just the right mood. The atmosphere of your event can be enhanced by the sounds that are apparent.


This is one of the senses that is often left out when you are vent planning. However, smell can make a huge impression. Smell is tied to memories and if you want your event to be most memorable, you need to have pleasant smells that entice your guests. Candles and flowers can be a great way to add wonderful scents to any party or event.


You don’t want your guests to feel like they can only look and not touch at your party. You need to have party accessories and items that they will feel free to pick up and look at. Displaying photos or other memorabilia items can be a great way to add touch to any event.


This might just be the most important of all the five senses. The food should be one of the highlights of your event. You want to choose foods that are delicious, but also go along with the theme of the party.

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