Long gone are the days of a simple meat or vegetarian option. Now more then ever, the specific dietary needs of people are making their way into events. From weddings to corporate events, it has fallen on the events industry to ensure a continuing standard for quality. This however is not without its controversy. Lets examine what you should consider when addressed with the potential for food allergies as well as the controversy surrounding allergies in the events industry.

What You Should Consider

While the purpose of event planning is clear, executing it correctly, especially when in the face of particular dietary needs, can be a challenge. The first thing you should consider is making your serving staff as knowledgeable about what is in the food and what is not in the food. Cover basic allergies like nut and dairy and make sure that if anyone requested a special meal for dietary reasons that the wait staff is aware of it.

In addition, if you have some say over what is served, consider combining multiple dietary needs into one. So for example, creating a dish that is gluten free, dairy free, and does not contain nuts can reduce the amount you have to spend on specialty meals while providing a single dish that chefs can focus on making tasty. Through closer communication with your catering group as well as plenty of advanced noticed regarding the dietary requirements of those attending, everything can be smoothed out before the event date.

As a final consideration for catered buffets, consider laying food out based on allergies. For example, every row of food can have an overarching allergen market that denotes what is in the food so that any person with allergies can get the information they need quickly and effectively.

The Controversy Of Food Allergies At Events

Within event planning having to cater for food allergies can make an already complex event a downright headache. In fact, with so many allergies making their way into event planning and catering, it is hard not to see this trend as bad manners and having picky tastes instead of actual allergies. The truth is however that allergies are legitimate medical needs that have not been addressed in the events industry in the past and are beginning to be addressed now. The industry as a whole is improving its standards and addressing food allergies directly is another step towards providing the very best service possible.

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  2. We adopted this from January, being based in the EU. Sulphites are common in wine and not always clearly labelled and this can catch people out.

    Thanks for sharing this, are similar laws governing allergens implemented in the UK.

    • Hello and Thank you for your comment. I believe this new way of labelling food will make life easier for a lot of people and yes, I think the UK follow similar laws on food labelling.


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