How To Find The Ideal Entertainment Company For Your Special Event

All the planning for your corporate event is going according to plan. You have the décor, venue, and caterer you want – but now you have to book your entertainment. Choosing the wrong kind of entertainment can make your guests want to run for the door. If you settle for mediocrity, then your guests will not have a memorable night.

Popular Types Of Entertainment At Events

It’s not just a cover band or DJ that you have the option of choosing. Let’s look at some of the popular types of entertainment typically seen at events. Then, we’ll cover some tips about choosing the band or DJ. Since bands are the most common kind of entertainment, we’ll cover the basics to make sure that you pick the right band.

  • Cocktail pianists
  • String quartets
  • Acoustic duos
  • Jazz & swing bands
  • Close-up magicians
  • Function bands
  • Soul & Motown bands
  • Rock cover bands
  • Ska bands
  • ABBA tribute bands
  • Adele tribute acts
  • Elvis impersonators
  • 1960’s cover bands
  • Male vocalists
  • Female vocalists
  • High-tech duos
  • Comedy magicians
  • Stand-up comedians
  • Mobile disco and karaoke

The last option, mobile disco and karaoke, gives your guests the chance to entertain themselves. While it’s a little bit of a gamble – and you might get one or two guests who drunkenly try out their best renditions of popular songs – it can create a fun and memorable experience for guests.

Here are some riskier or more expensive options. Again, it all depends on the budget, tastes, and venue. Some of these can be really fun, though – if you’re willing to invest in them.

  • Air shows
  • Bullfights
  • Burlesque
  • Cabaret
  • Light show
  • Pantomime
  • Striptease
  • Play
  • Vaudeville
  • Variety
  • Ventriloquism

Choosing The Right Band Or DJ For Your Event

#1 Work with a company that is experienced.

The most important thing is making sure your band is experience. A band that sounds like they play small gigs or a deadbeat DJ sitting in a chair with bad equipment is going to be bad. Check to see what credible events the band has performed at in the past. Ask to see their portfolio.

#2 Find out the size of your band

This is sometimes overlooked when you’re choosing entertainment for your special event. You have already picked out the venue, but is it big enough? If your venue is too small for a bigger band, you might not have enough space for the band.

#3 Ensure that the band is going to bring the energy Image courtesy of Stockimages:

You need to ask questions of the band about how they are going to keep the audience on their feet. Will there be pauses in between songs? Will there be long breaks?

Some Further Tips For Hosting A Special Event

#1 An indoor event is sometimes safer

A lot of people don’t like being outdoors. Maybe they have seasonal allergies or there are weather concerns. Also, if you put on an outdoor event, you will probably need to think about electric generators, space heaters, tents, portable flooring, etc.

#2 Hire the right kind of talent

It doesn’t have to be a band, but you do need to hire the right kind of talent for the audience’s tastes. You want your audience to be entertained, not running for the door.

What’s your favourite type of entertainment?

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