12 Nov 2014
November 12, 2014

Charity Integration at Events

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When you integrate charity into your workplace or your events, you need your participants to be engaged and involved. However, this can be difficult to do at times and guests may find themselves losing focus throughout the presentation because they feel as though they are in a meeting rather than at a party. However, there are many ways that you can help make your guests feel more comfortable and engage throughout the event, which can help ensure that your charity will be a great success.

One great way to get your attendees involved is through DIY projects. Some businesses have made the events more of a hands-on experience for guests by allowing them to create their own name tags when they arrive or by supplying them with material to make their centerpieces while they wait for the event to begin.

Creating their own centerpiece is a great way to break the ice amongst the people who are sitting together at a table and can help keep them involved with a project so that they do not become bored. It is also a fantastic opportunity to help the local community and you can purchase supplies from local craft stores and artisans.

Another way to make sure your guests are paying attention throughout your presentation is to actually offer multiple charities to choose from. At the end of the presentation, your guests will then have the opportunity to vote for the charity that they want to donate to. This will give them some options when it comes to choosing how to spend their money and will help them feel more involved with the selection process.

One easy way to create an event where the participants select the charity is to have separate donation collection stations set up for the charities that are involved with the presentation. You may want to set up a table for each charity so that you can provide pamphlets and information to those who are looking to make the decision. If you are looking to keep donations more anonymous, you may want to consider handing out envelopes for each charity instead.

It is best that you avoid having too many charities in attendance. The multiple possibilities may become overwhelming for your guests and the charities may not be able to receive much from the event because the money is spread thinly between them. Instead stick to two or three charities, at most, so that your guests will be able to make an easier decision and the charities will be able to receive the help that they need.

It is fairly common to have a charity function integrated into an event that is held at work. While these can sometimes be boring and cumbersome, there are some easy ways to dress them up and get people excited about offering their money to the charities in attendance. By trying out these ideas, you will be able to have an event that is successful and memorable.

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