Sustainability is a quintessential component of an event. We are not talking about sustainability of an event regarding its success or failure, impact or outreach. We are talking about sustainable event management. Sustainable event management is also referred to as event greening. Over the last thirty years, sustainable event management has not only become the.. read more →

There are many things that go into events but it is important to consider the corporate social responsibility of the meeting or the lecture that you’re hosting. This is commonly referred to as the “Triple Bottom Line” because it includes your impact on people, planet, and profit. With the ability to build CSR events into.. read more →

As a business it is your responsibility to not only ensure that your employees can work well together but that you also show customers that you are able to give back to the community. The philanthropy of your company is just as important as your bottom line because customers will be more likely to shop.. read more →

At this point, there is absolutely no excuse for not taking advantage of some of the sustainability tips for events that are now available to you. Most of these tips are easy to implement, and do not force you to sacrifice anything in the way of quality and comfort for attendees. There is no question.. read more →

Reducing your carbon footprint at events is easier than ever. While you may think that you will have to sacrifice comfort and functionality to reduce your carbon footprint, nothing could be further from the truth. There are a variety of sustainability tips that you can implement with relative ease. You can certainly extend this thought.. read more →

How To Make Your Event Sustainable In addition to everything else that has to be considered with your upcoming event, the need to make the event as sustainable as humanly possible is going to be high on your list of priorities. To some, this presents a series of problems that seemingly distract from what they.. read more →

How To Plan A Sustainable Event Any event can be both sustainable and successful. Even if you only implement a couple of the ideas we’ve mentioned here, it will make a big difference. A sustainable event restores and conserves precious resources, supports and honors those who are involved, adds to the value of the local.. read more →