What can you with ice at events? One of the great things about ice is that it can be almost anything! Aside from being naturally visually alluring, I like to recommend adding a functional and interactive element. An example of this would be to create a cold food or drink display while featuring a logo.. read more →

The world is a beautiful place and being able to take advantage of all of the natural beauty that is around you when planning an event can be quite beneficial. Not only will you be choosing a more cost effective way to make a venue look its best, you will also be preserving the environment.. read more →

If you’ve been searching for the best way to turn a typical event into something that everyone can enjoy, you should consider animal experiences. Whether you are hosting a corporate luncheon or if you want to have a family day for your employees and their children, there are hundreds of different animals that you can.. read more →

When a certain audience attends too many events in a year, the experience becomes quite mundane and often uninteresting. Most events have the same vibe and there is a certain norm that most organizers or hosts adhere to. While breaking the norm or trying something completely out of the world may be a tad risky,.. read more →

Weddings and corporate events can be very difficult to make appealing to everyone. But you might find that including fun games can appeal to participants of all ages. Fun foods are yet another thing that everyone loves. In this article, we will give you a few ideas of fun games that you can incorporate into.. read more →

Practically everyone knows what a flash mob is. Simply put, a flash mob is a seemingly spontaneous creative act that is carried out by a group. The great thing about flash mobs are how versatile they are. You can have tons and tons of people, or a very small crowd that performs the actions everyone.. read more →

Props are a fantastic way to make your presentation something that your audience will remember for an extended period of time. For a simple and relatively easy way to engage your listeners, props are useful tools that nearly every presenter uses. Whether you are promoting your new book and you use the novel as a.. read more →

Origami is a beautiful addition to any event as it can emulate real objects such as flowers or general decorations throughout the venue. Whether you are a fan or origami or if you are looking for a cost-effective, innovative, and extremely creative way to make a statement, there are a variety of different ways for.. read more →

Choosing to invite children to your wedding is a long standing debate. There is no right or wrong answer as this is your day and you simply have to do what feels right to you. If you decide to involve the little ones in your special day, it is a good idea to have some.. read more →

When it comes to finding entertainment for your event, it can be difficult to come up with something fun and unique. If you are like most people you are likely tired of the same old thing. One of the latest crazes that is new and fun is having sand art for your event. This comes.. read more →