The internet has become such a large part of everyone’s life, so much in fact that a study through YouGov showed that 53% of people that participated in their study experienced some sort of anxiety when they weren’t able to access a WiFi connection or their smartphone. This leaves us with a pressing question, “Is it possible to be productive without WiFi?” Think about all of the ways that your life is connected to the internet and without it, can we end up doing the same things that we normally do?

Using Communication

One of the many ways that you can actually try to be productive without WiFi is to actually rely on verbal communication with other people. If you’re going on a business trip, make sure that you let everyone know that you’re going to be out of touch. Let everyone know how long you’ll be gone for and when you’re expected to come back so business can resume as usual. If necessary, you can always access a public telephone or the phone in your hotel room to stay in contact with family members and coworkers.

Printing Ahead of Time

We may be used to accessing documents through our computers simply by downloading a .PDF but if you take the time to print all of the documents ahead of time, you do not have to worry about being connected to WiFi all of the time. You can bring the documents with you wherever you go, much like you would with your smart phone or your laptop. You can also take advantage of different web-based programs such as Dropbox and Google Drive where all of the saved documents can be viewed offline.

Taking In-Depth Notes

One of the best things that may ever happen to you is to not be connected to WiFi because it helps to prevent you from being distracted from the tasks at hand. The more that you are able to concentrate, the better your notes will be. Take the time that you’re not connected to the internet to do the things that would otherwise be difficult for you to handle with your phone ringing off the hook with emails and text messages. You may even want to take different programs into account that can be used to digitize your notes so you don’t have to try to transcribe them once you’re connected to the internet again.

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