Hosting an event can be a difficult task for many, especially if you take the feelings and attention of your attendees into account. Think about all of the steps that you take in order to make sure that your guests are comfortable, able to hear you properly, and understand the information given to them from the guest speakers. Social media can be a huge influence on the mood of people attending your event, which is why many people prefer to have phones and devices turned off while attending a lecture, meeting, or a general conference. If you begin to notice that everyone in the audience seems less interested, it may be time to contact your social media manager.

  1. Avoiding Distractions

The number one way that social media can affect the mood of your attendees is by distracting the people in the audience. Not only does it deter the attention of the person using their device, but it can also be distracting to the people around them. Having to check Facebook or LinkedIn for updates can certainly take away from the importance of the discussion that the presenter is having with the audience. Those who are not fully engaged will not be able to benefit from the learning and listening opportunity.

  1. Negative Feedback

This is one factor that affects both the presenter and the audience as negative feedback can easily take away from the presentation. If people in the room are following each other on social media and one person makes a negative comment about the event or anything that’s happening at that point in time, it can cause everyone else to focus on that one particular detail. For example, if someone states that the event is lacking networking opportunities, people will focus on that one flaw. Negative feedback can influence the opinions of other people in the room and force them to feel like the event is a failure.

  1. Dealing with the Feedback

The most important thing for social media managers to take into account is that dealing with any distractions as quickly as possible is essential. Whether you address the issues on social media and turn it into positive feedback or if you simply hide the negative comments until after the event is done. Being a fast responder to criticism or anything that could take away from the event will prevent others from focussing on negative issues that others notice.

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