The education system we have right now has evolved over years of transformation. Certain transformations were obvious, with time, and many had been initiated by academics, educationists and even political and social reformers. The modern education system is quite evolved and it does employ state of the art methods but it is still seen as a remnant of the archaic methods where fun is not an integral element. If learning is not fun, then it is not as effective as it can be. That seems to be the argument of critics of the present education system.

There is research reiterating the fact that a strict education system instills a sense of certainty but there is also research proving that people learn more when they have fun through the learning process. This doesn’t just apply to kids or young adults in college but also professionals of all ages. Here is why and how fun can help people learn, better and quicker.

  • Every company needs to instill a sense of fellowship in the workforce. The team spirit must be high, the teams must work as one inseparable unit and everyone must work together towards the larger interests of the company. Now, the company can have meetings imparting the lessons on team building and bonding. That would be boring, just a mandatory exercise at work and the employees may take away very little from such sessions. Instead, companies can organize events or plan business retreats where the essences of team building and bonding are inculcated through actual exercises. There are games, challenges and many ways to forge team spirit and to have people working together. Such approaches are a fun way of learning.
  • It is well known that visuals are more powerful than texts. Images and videos are more powerful than words. It is no secret why multimedia learning materials have become more popular in the last twenty years. Students would develop more interest in literature if they get to watch Shakespearean plays instead of being compelled to read more than one, which is in the syllabus. Likewise, professionals can learn more from experiences or various forms of messaging than just being told to read or learn something.

Experiences are the best teachers and encounters that are fun or exercises that are satiating will have a better impact than mundane learning activities. Every company needs to work on fun ways of learning to have a more profound impact.

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