Brand new! Events Uncovered is so excited to introduce you to ‘The Guestlist Podcast’ with Jason Allan Scott: “Who’s on the Guestlist?”

Every Wednesday, this incredible podcast will delight, empower, inspire and teach you plenty.

Being an entrepreneur in today’s economy is no easy task. It takes belief in yourself, drive, determination and the willingness to stand up for what you do. Being an entrepreneur in events takes even greater effort. Any woman or man who is successfully running an events business can tell you that being a person in power in the 21st century takes plenty of hard work, and that it’s important for women and men in the events business to stick together and support one another. If you’re in need of some guidance, or a perspective from someone dealing with issues just like you, try listening to “THE GUESTLIST PODCAST!” for those in events and those who are an event!”

Topics include anything – events, lifestyle, hospitality, business, technology, success, wealth and leisure time. To introduce you to smart, interesting people who are good at what they do and willing to share their expertise in the world of events, lifestyle and hospitality industries.

And for those of you, who don’t know, who’s Jason Allan Scott?

Jason Allan Scott is an award wining event professional, founder and director of a sales and marketing consultancy firm specialising in Lifestyle, hospitality and events , an entrepreneurial consultant,  growth hacker and what Tim Ferris calls the NR, founding mentor of Fast Forward 15 and board member of The Events Academy and The Event Foundation. Scott has worked alongside international and national companies, involved in pulling together the best and most creative ideas for a myriad of projects whilst working within budget. Scott’s strength is acting as a sounding board and problem solver for the client. Current clients include The Bloomsbury Ballroom, The London Cabaret Club, The Event Foundation, Event Academy, Ramorg, Newton Lab and The Unique Lifestyle Hospitality group to name a few. He is also well known for his online persona, ” Lord Jason Scott” through his columns, blogs and tweets as much as his hosting of incredible events from The Dark Knight, Mama Mia to Avatar, his longevity within the sector proves his capability.

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