There was a time when PowerPoint was the most important and powerful presentation tool. Anyone who didn’t know or use PowerPoint was regarded as archaic. Today, that same tool can bore anyone to death. Presenting a ppt is no longer a cool thing to do. Most people don’t like to sit idly and stare at the slides go on with their monotonous glide and the presentation of information in an oddly uninteresting way.

Today, clients want interesting presentations. The presentation itself has to standout. There has to be some degree of uniqueness, originality and some creativity. Putting up a few bullet points, even if they are facts, importing some preloaded art from within the PowerPoint and presenting something even in myriad colors would not entice anyone.

Fortunately, there are better alternatives out there which you can use with much more ease than what PowerPoint demanded and neither would you get bored to death nor would you bore your clients or attendees in a meeting, seminar or event.


CustomShow is a great program for event planners, salespersons and marketing professionals. The freedom of customization while attending to branding needs is what makes this software very helpful.

ClearSlide (SlideRocket)

Sliderocket can integrate PDF, Keynote, Excel and PowerPoint. It is easily one of the most powerful presentation tools right now.


Prezi is arguably the most natural alternative to PowerPoint. It is very easy to use which makes it good for beginners and it is very handy during events for keynote speakers and the likes.


Slideshark is very useful for webinars and other virtual events.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is one of the simplest yet useful presentation tools that can be used on the go and you can be ready for a meeting on your ride to work.

Slide Dog

Slide Dog works because of its accessible across various devices, the seamless playlist of images, videos and all kinds of documents and you get some useful features such as live polling. However, this is for presenting something and not for creating or developing the material for the presentation. We all know how difficult it is to seamlessly integrate files, videos and images in conventional presentation tools such as PowerPoint.

There are many other popular presentation tools which are better alternatives to PowerPoint. Some of them are Slide Bureau, Powtoon, Keynote, MediaShout, Kineticast, Wink, SnagIt, Camtasia and SoftMaker Presentations Mobile.

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    Disclaimer – I’m the CEO of Lionsharp (the company behind Voiceboard) — but very serious about offering the world a new presentation experience.


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