Booking entertainment for corporate events is essential to everyone having a good experience – but booking the wrong entertainment can sour everyone at the event. Booking dancers and dance acts for your events has to be done with careful consideration. Following are some tips for booking dancing at a special event.

A lot of the factors will come into play when you’re choosing a venue.

What To Consider When You’re Booking Dance Acts

Floor: It’s true that you can dance on almost any surface, but professional dancers are a lot pickier when it comes to what they’ll dance on. Sometimes, carpet or concrete won’t do. Tap-dancing necessitates a stage (so the floor doesn’t get damaged). Staging costs more money, so choose a venue that has a stage. Make sure the stage will be clear on the night of the event.

Space: Compared to other types of entertainment, dance requires a lot of space to make it work. Ask your dance act how much square footage they will need to do their act. Talk with them ahead of time to be sure and even have them come to the location to check it out for themselves before the official night. There is nothing worse than them finding a problem on the night that they get there. Fixing problems ahead of time is the smart move when it comes to booking any form of entertainment. That means getting all the details straightened out so there are no surprises when the event takes place. Your audience will go home annoyed if they didn’t get their fill of entertainment for the night because of some stupid mistake.

Sight Lines: Watching a dance performance is a lot different than watching a band or comedian. You don’t want the legs of the performers to be hidden by the heads of the audience members in the front. It’s not that entertaining if your whole audience can’t see the full bodies of the dancers performing. It just won’t do to watch peoples’ upper bodies moving around on stage.

Ceiling Height: Make sure your dancers have enough height clearance if they are going to be doing some fancy moves. A lot of dance acts won’t require too much space above their heads, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Choose a venue with a stage that is made for dancing. That will include plenty of ceiling height so that your dancers can perform to their full ability.

Sound: Dancing without musical accompaniment just doesn’t work. It’s essential for dancing, and the audience can’t get into it without it. Check the audio set-up before your dance act comes out, and make sure you have a great A/V team that is there to work with the dance crew. Your dance act could have its own musical team that comes along with them. Make sure that they work with you ahead of time so that they know the stage, speaker system, and technical equipment for audio performance.


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