What can you with ice at events?

One of the great things about ice is that it can be almost anything! Aside from being naturally visually alluring, I like to recommend adding a functional and interactive element. An example of this would be to create a cold food or drink display while featuring a logo or other branding specific to the event. Water fountain for a school formal.

Can companies use ice for branding at events?

Full Spectrum IceAbsolutely! Because ice sculptures aren’t seen every day, it is a very effective way to draw the eye. It can also be used to feature actual products. I recently froze a couple of Dell tablets into the ice sculpture to highlight its ruggedness. Seeing a working tablet in a sleek and modern display on top of the company logo really made a statement!

How can Ice increase engagement at events?

There are many creative ways to increase engagement and help make events memorable with ice sculptures. Photo opportunities are probably one of the most effective. Creating an area specifically designed for pictures of the guests provides opportunity for a social media element. This increases visibility to the event, brand, product etc. I did a 10’ tall x 8” wide step and repeat for an organization’s annual Ice Ball. The logo for the event and organization are featured repeatedly on the wall, and every guest had their picture taken as they entered the event. A lot of those people also came back later for their selfie opportunities. A similar effect can be accomplished on a smaller scale by doing a table top option. Same concept, but friendlier to the budget.

I wish that EVERYONE planning an event knew “……” about ice sculptures

1. The average cost of a wedding in Central Texas (Austin and San Antonio) is about $26,329(between 100-200 guests). The average cost of a single block ice sculpture (highest selling product) is $400 (or 1.5% of total wedding cost). The average cost of an 8′ fully functional, custom ice bar (Big ticket item) is $2750 (or 10% of total wedding cost). The average cost of custom ice table centerpieces is $85 per, with a typical order of 10, $850 (or 3.23% of total wedding cost). In summary, you get a LOT of customized Bang for your Buck!Full Spectrum Ice

2. Even though it is really, really HOT in Texas, a majority of events are held indoors where the temperature is very comfortable and similar in temperature to indoor venues all over the world. Because I sculpt in the freezer and package everything in insulated boxes and wraps, you do not lose any melt time in transport before it is displayed. Sculptures are presentable for 5-6 hours before the details wash out.

2A. Yes the ice melts, but everything at an event expires, except the photos/ video. The food is eaten, the drinks are drunk, the music stops, the lights turn off, the flowers die, the planner goes home, etc. etc. It is all about creating a memorable celebration and getting the most out of your money. Ice sculptures are a unique way to create those memories.

3. Pretty much anything can be made into an ice sculpture! If you haven’t seen what you want on my site, just ask, and I will be happy to create something custom. I like to recommend functional pieces (food or drink displays/luge, photos opportunities, etc) to create a memorable interaction for the guests. This also gives the sculpture a purpose to the ice, other than looking good.

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