On Wednesday the 17th September I was invited to the Summer EVCOM. I had the pleasure to meet and interview Pauline Ploquin, CEO of Struck! She had just given a presentation on ‘The art of Collaboration’ so, I asked her to give me a brief summary of her presentation. Here’s what she said:

“Collaboration is the great imperative of the 21st century and yet it has its challenges.

The main challenges are the parity of stakeholders and the parity of point of view that each of these stakeholders have as well as limited time and resources and a lot of unknown and a lot of things moving in our space.

Some of the things that I recommend we try to do to collaborate better is to have a strong strategic vision, a strong vision of what the future holds that you share with your team, the people that are coming together.

Have a strong culture, make sure that you all understand each other and have the same values or value alignment.

Be very strong in terms of your priorities. Be very focused on your strategic goal and value diversity. Welcome voices from different backgrounds, different age groups, different gender and really bring all of these people to the table and value their contribution.”

To get in touch with Pauline, go to www.struck.com



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