Wonderful short yet content packed interview with Paul Bridle.

With a background in running businesses, his work is now devoted to developing people to build successful organizations. He has spent over twenty years researching effective organizations and the people that lead them. He has personally researched what makes a good leader and has taken time to understand the mindset of successful leaders.

As a speaker, his presentations are enlightening, exciting, inspirational and highly informative. The results of his research allow people to discover the true qualities of a leader as well as give people the opportunity to measure themselves against what is expected from a Leader. Paul delivers a powerful presentation because he is both a motivated and a passionate speaker backed up with an excellent knowledge of his specialist subject, Leadership. He wants people to go away from his presentation and practically use the information they have received to improve their ability in the workplace.

During our interview we discussed about approach, why you should be friendly and approachable, why you should ask questions and listen to their replies and what to do and not to do when meeting with someone at events like IMEX. He gave plenty of practical tips event professionals can take and implement right away.

Biggest tip: know something about the person you are about to approach. Show that you have done a bit of research about them!

To get in touch with Paul, go to www.paulbridle.com

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