On Wednesday the 17th September I was kindly invited to The Summer EVCOM and I asked Marc Wright, Publisher of Simply Communicate to give me a quick summary of his presentation “Collaborate or Abdicate”

This is what he said:

“The key take outs from my presentation are around the issue of where do people that make the stuff, producers of videos and events, where do we fit in this new social media world? And the key guide to success, the key measure for success, going forward is not whether you made it on time or on budget or even had a happy client. It’s how many times do the people inside the client’s organisation share your piece of work, send it to someone else or tell someone that they’ve got to go to that event or say they should do that event again. So the criteria for success now is about sharing and that means not only we have to make great content, we also have to work on the champions for a particular campaign in the organisation who are going to help that move and flourish and grow all round wherever that organisation works around the globe.”

To get in touch with Marc, go to https://www.simply-communicate.com/

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