Another great quick interview carried out at the Summer EVCOM 2014. I asked Jonathan Brigden, Steve Greetham & Lee Spencer about their main 3 take aways from the presentation “Projecting the Future”. Jonathan Brigden is Managing Director of the Giggle Group, Steve Greetham is the Senior Manager at XL video and Lee Spencer is the Managing Director at XL Video.

Here’s what they said:

“JB – One thing I always try and say to clients is try and think of a creative reason for using technology. Don’t throw technology at an event just because it’s the cool thing to do, always think of a creative reason for doing that.

LS – Well, I was blown away by where things are going. We look at some of the things in your presentation and it’s a whole new dimension, whole new world.

JB –  It’s a whole new dimension in that. It’s about coming out with creative new ideas for this new technology and making sure that’s appropriate for that particular event.

LS – From our point, from XL’s point, we always concerned ‘will we have the equipment or technology to be able to keep up with creativity and demand? Because people have these incredible, I don’t know, inspirations and the things that they want to create and the things they want to come to us and they want to do these incredible things, whether we have the ability from a mechanical point of view to be able to make. Come up with the solutions to be able to make those ideas reality.

JB – Well, we have thrown a lot of stuff at you guys and you have always delivered.

SR – Yeah, I think advancement in media servers and the ability to program in 3 dimensional and the ability to programme in high resolution 4k, the ability to building project and map buildings and objects along with new LED technology, light weight usable technology. That’s helping advance all of the features that Jonathan has been talking about.

LS – The one caveat that has to go in and it is the one caveat its is how big is your budget.

SR – There is that!

JB -Yeah, make sure there is enough money for the idea.

LS – Yeah, because that sort of thing makes people fall flat on their face and it’ s only the first hurdle, basically, is the budget.

JB – And the final thing is always tell stories, everything has to be story based.

LS – Exactly!

JB – If it hasn’t got a reason for being then, there is no point in showing it. It needs to tell the story of the brand or the event your trying to tell, or whatever your trying to tell.

SR – No amount of technology will ever get you out of, you know, anything without a good storyline.”


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