When at the Summer EVCOM 2014, I had the pleasure to do a short interview with Dean Van Leeuwen, co-founder of Tomorrow Today who give me his 3 take-aways from his presentation ‘Mind the Gap’

Here’s what he said:

“The presentation I have just given is called ‘Mind the Gap’ and it looks at the different generations; how people born in different areas look at the world differently. Now my 3 take aways from the presentation are that we often look at world and we think that people are seeing the world in the same way that we are seeing it. But the reality is that people born during different periods have different events that shaped and formed their values and their values system. And they look at the world differently. By understanding what those values are you can build better teams, you can design better products and events for people from different generations. And thirdly by understanding how different events have shaped the people from different generations, you can build stronger connections with them. So its really important, not to look at the world as you would see it but rather to look at the world though the shoes of people from other different generations.”

To get in touch with Dean, got to http://tomorrowtoday.uk.com/

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