When at an event, after a presentation, I am always curious to find out other attendees’ thoughts. So, at the Summer EVCOM 2014, I was able to ask ‘what’s 1 thing would you take away from it?’.  I asked Claire Eason-Bassett of Mackerel Sky Events, Sue Etherington of Queen Elizabeth II Centre and Simon Tracey of Wasserman Experience and this is what they said:

“The biggest thing that I have taken away form that session is basically how we communicate our values. And we use Podio as our internal cloud based management system and I need to communicate more with my team to get them engaged, get them making stories and creating stories, telling their stories about their work with us. So that’s what I’m taking away! -Claire Eason-Bassett of Mackerel Sky Events”

“I was just in the session “Collaborate or Abdicate” and the one takeaway that I got from that is that your really need to engage with all your staff and collaborate with them in order to get the very best for your organisation. Especially if you all work in silos and it’s a very good medium using social to engage with everyone. So I’m going to go back and champion that in my organisation. Thanks.- Sue Etherington – Queen Elizabeth II Centre”

“William’s session on what makes a good planner or great planner. And actually the one thing i wrote in our take away is about making sure we give back to the industry. We have interns who come into the agency and hopefully we give them a good rounded education. I want to make sure that I focus on that more and hopefully run some more sessions for them rather than just getting them to participate, more about educating them, I think. I think that’s really important to give back to the industry and making sure that the future of the industry is in good hands. -Simon Tracey- Wasserman Experience”

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