Inquiring minds want to know: What’s the story with registration?

Pre-event buzz: Something that should be simple, yet efficient, when it comes to gathering all data and pertinent information you need for event day (and follow-up). Additionally, any on-site registration area ought to be designed to generate some kind of engagement prior to attendees entering the event to further enhance the experience.

Here are the answers to a few burning questions that event professionals want to know when it comes to a well-executed registration system.

What are the benefits of registering online VS at the door?

It’s a huge time-saver for both the event management team and the attendee to register online. You’re saving precious minutes to gather info and ask all the questions by registering online, where as on-site you’ll have to ask more questions to collect all the necessary information. You’ll also have a more accurate number and a better idea of how many guests are attending. Those numbers will help you realign and adjust what’s happening at the event.

Don’t distress, but impress. Your entrance sets the tone for how the event is going to be, and it’s very easy to lose confidence in how an event will go if it’s messy the second you walk in. A sleek and diligently planned check-in, however, can leave guests with a positive feeling of anticipation on what to expect.

How can registration be made easy and fast for guests?

Aim to register beforehand to save time, and include on-site name badge printing for a more organized check-in at the event. You won’t have to worry about stuffing and sorting through badges when guests arrive, and it makes for a more sustainable option knowing that you haven’t wasted any materials, time, or energy on guests that couldn’t make it (and sometimes that can be a large number).

Attendees also appreciate self-registration: swipe and go with iPad kiosk check-in to make entrance fast, easy, and include participation on their behalf.

Can an event registration software increase event attendance?

Absolutely! It assists in establishing the way the rest of the event will go, and it can be a major influence on making attendees want to return. This sentiment is even further amplified if you incorporate other engaging factors, like a good speaker or unique catering.

Great content lends itself to an overall pleasant look and feel, thus an overall great event. seflie-badge-mult-sessionProviding engaging content, like a selfie badge for example, will also create buzz among attendees, urging them to come back for more.

How can an event registration app help both the attendees and the planners?

An app that’s easy to use is time saving for all parties, and is also a more sustainable option to replace bulky binders and excess materials. It’s also a cost effective option that easily fits into an event budget, and that saved money can be put towards other event details.

Registration is just as important as other components of an event (We can’t say it enough: It sets the tone!), so an event registration app that not only focuses on the creation of a successful event but one that takes into account real-time event data with post-event analyses is key.

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