Siesta is not a word that was invented by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. As much as the English speaking world try to adapt the Spanish word, most people end up misusing it. Siesta is not napping or sleep. It is a short nap taken at a particular time of the day, usually early afternoon or after lunch, and that too during the hot summer months. Siesta is healthy. It allows people to rest after lunch, thus helping with digestion and better metabolism. Siesta keeps a person agile and one is reinvigorated to work for the remaining hours of the day. Would you be able to accommodate a siesta during or at your meetings?

Siesta may not exist in the cultural lexicon or lifestyle habits of the United States or the United Kingdom but it does exist in the biology of human beings. You cannot work or be at your best when you have gorged on a sumptuous lunch. A well cooked full meal will always induce a bit of lethargy for around half an hour to an hour. Unless you wish to have that time go to waste, you should stay confined to a healthy short meal or a few healthy snacks at meetings.

Here are some of the many benefits of healthy eating at meetings.

  • It is just easier to manage. When we think of healthy eating, we are talking about snacks or meals that are very easy to serve. You can pick some fruits, some boiled veggies, some healthy snacks like oat biscuits or dry fruits. You may also go for nuts and seeds. All these are very easy to load on a serving bowl and you can have smaller bowls for individuals or plates if you want. Eating out of a bowl is a phenomenon that is fast catching up in corporate circles across the country. One bowl with three to five different items and you are sorted. With such convenient management of the food, the focus would be the meetings.
  • Healthy eating at meetings would be nutritious and less tiring. Hence, meetings will be more productive. Anyone who has held or attended meetings over a four-five course dinner will know that the only thing happening at such meetings other than stuffing oneself is banter. Seldom do people succeed at focusing away from the food or the beverage.
  • Healthy eating at meetings augurs well for the long term. Any company that instills poor eating habits in the workplace will never be able to advise or get its people to lose weight, be healthy and agile.

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