A small or medium enterprise doesn’t have the financial reserves to spend on commercials or a larger than life branding campaign across a city, state or country. Small to medium businesses will have to opt for affordable but effective ways to increase brand awareness. Fortunately, there are some reasonable mediums and strategizing the specific approaches will bear the desired rewards.

1.           Take up issues that matter to make your presence felt.

A company needs to do more than what it usually does to become an admired brand. Beyond freebies to customers or some special discounts during the holiday season, a company must be seen as an integral part of the society or the immediate community. Major companies endorse certain causes and want to be seen endorsing and actually want to get associated with medical research, civil rights, women empowerment, child welfare and many other important social endeavors. A company aspiring to become a brand must give back to the society or at least be an inseparable part of it.

2.           Brand mentions online can help a small or medium company to gain the much needed exposure and more importantly credibility. The concept of link wheels or back links was very simple. It was also very effective. Online marketers or SEO professionals developed links and spread them on third party sites. From blogs to social networks, article directories to almost everywhere that could be accessed, links were sprayed randomly and according to a plan. The more links one could get, the better it was as the chances of getting more traffic were directly proportional. But none of those approaches will work anymore. Search engines Google and Bing are focusing on brand mentions. Organic brand mentions where your company name features, your products or services are reviewed by experts or by normal customers and other such references will go a long way in expanding your outreach.

3.           Host events to attract investors or to woo business partners, potential associates and affiliates or just to expand your network. You may host events for your customers as well. There is a plethora of ideas you can work with. From product launches to a fete for your target market, there are many ways to make your presence felt, to establish yourself as an authority in the product or service niche and to ensure that people have a great impression of your enterprise and consider your products or services, during the event or afterward.

Finally, every company should be use social media for branding.

There is no other medium that offers as much exposure as social media and almost at no cost.



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