You never know when it might occur. All of a sudden, you find yourself having to plan for a baby shower. If you have experience doing this already, then you no doubt have some excellent ideas regarding what works and what doesn’t. However, if this is your first time, then you may want some help planning and organizing this amazing day. That being said, lets take a moment to lay out what a planning schedule is like, as well as some theme and baby game ideas to help get you started.

A Generalized Schedule

On average, a baby shower usually takes about two months to plan. At the beginning, you need to ask the mother to be who she wants there. In addition, this is an excellent time to gauge what kind of baby shower she wants. Baby showers can span the spectrum from upscale to a bit raunchy and it is a good idea to get your friend’s approval.

With about a month to go, organize the events and have a general idea of what you will be serving. From what you will need to get for the games to the particular kinds of food you will be serving, the earlier you figure these things out the better. In addition, you should have already sent out the requests by now.

Make sure you have all of the food and supplies at least a day early. There is nothing more stressful then trying to find everything at the last moment

Baby Shower Party Games

  1. Identify the Diaper

Identify the diaper is a fun game that combines chocolate and prizes with dirty diapers. Buy a pack of diapers and different kinds of chocolate. Melt one type of chocolate in each diaper. On the day of the baby shower, pass the diapers out and have people write down what they think each chocolate is. Whoever gets closest to the mark gets a prize.

  1. Guess The Baby

Have people bring in pictures of themselves when they were babies. Put the pictures in a pile and see how well the mother to be can guess who is who.

  1. Baby Wishes

Write down and print out a baby wish list. This includes a number of sentences like “I wish my baby will ______   .” Once everyone has written them down, take turns going through what people wrote.

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