3D printing is affecting how we live, work, and play. This is also true at conference and events. Lately, event industry professionals have been using 3D printers for things like decorations, invitations, and souvenirs. However, their most popular offerings are personalized items that conference goers can take home without having to order or wait for their orders. Here, we will look at how incorporating 3D printing into your next event might be a great idea.

Appeal to a Younger Demographic

Younger conference goers just expect technology incorporated into conferences. Examples include apps, virtual collaborations, and the ability to connect to the web and outside world, even at conferences. 3D printing is another way you can make your event hip to younger conference goers. Businesses at booths can print souvenirs, instantly. They can make them personalized, print them, and then send them away with eager conference goers. Getting younger attendees excited about your event is the first step in keeping your conference growing and thriving. Technology now allows you to purchase 3D printers at a reasonable price and use them for nearly anything imaginable.

Printing Souvenirs, Custom Products, and More

There are lots of things that you can print with a 3D printer. Examples include things like custom products for your conferences (think figurines, phone cases, etc.). Or, you might want to think about letting attendees take a blank canvas and create their own thing to be 3D printed. You can 3D print nearly anything, from plastic to food. Events where these sorts of opportunities have been offered to attendees have been very well received. Remember that you can also use your 3D printer to create things like custom invitations, d├ęcor for your venue, and more.

Cost Effective and Extremely Popular

Is there any other reason why event industry professionals love the idea of 3D printing? Yes! Probably the largest reason because these keepsakes, products, and the technology is so cost effective. Paying for a 3D printer once, as well as the material you will be using, is much cheaper, especially over time, than ordering custom products for each event you have. In many cases, you can simply recycle parts of your designs or special event products at other events later in the year. Plus, participants will absolutely love them. Do not be surprised if you end up with a line at your booth!


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