Couples are getting really creative, and we’ve compiled this list of the top wedding food trends from the top wedding bloggers, lists, and resources to showcase the newest, coolest, and most fun wedding food ideas. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Brunch has become a popular option because daytime weddings are a lot cheaper than weddings in the afternoon or at dinnertime. There are whole weddings themed around brunch. Daytime weddings are on the upswing, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that they are a lot cheaper.

Raw Food Vegan

Couples are turning to organic, fresh foods from local sources because raw food vegan diets are in. Hardly any guest at the wedding will have a dietary problem with raw vegan fare, and fresh, seasonal foods add a more natural, fun vibe to the wedding.

Donut/Food Trucks

With donut trucks pulling right up to your wedding, you will have some really happy guests.

A Real Cheese Cake Made Out Of Real Cheese

Instead of your typical cheesecake, think about a cake made out of real cheese.

Home Brew

Think about showing off your wine/beer-making skills by offering up some homebrew to your guests. Or, think about importing beer from Germany. That country has the best beer.

Appetizer Carts

Think about plates full of small appetizers or finger foods rolled around throughout the party on carts or served at each table so guests can choose what they like and munch on that. Pair the small appetizers with mini shots or martinis. You could use this idea at an engagement party or bridal shower too.


Who said s’mores were only good when you’re out camping? Serve s’mores at your wedding. Everybody loves s’mores, and it will be a great way for guests to remember your wedding. You can serve them in addition to the wedding cake, of course. There are going to be some guests that go crazy for the s’mores at your wedding – a lot of people have chosen them as their favorite dessert.

Interactive Bar

Another huge trend is instead of food just being passed out during the cocktail hour, having food be more of an experience, like a guacamole bar with a chef making guacamole or an Asian stir-fry cook making great ethnic cuisine on a hot stove for all to see.

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