Social media is an amazing platform, provided you can use it to your advantage. You would get unparallel exposure using social media but that is not possible without a strategy. All your competitors would be using the same platform for the same reasons and thus you need a better strategy than others. It isn’t just promotion, branding or advertising, you can actually increase sales through social media. Here are four effective ways for you to make windfall gains.

  • Host flash sale! Seasonal sales, ordinary discounts or even referrals don’t entice anymore. Most retailers or companies offer perennial discounts anyway. Customers don’t want those mundane discounts or the apparent deals which are promoted time and again by a company. What customers want is something amazing or different. While you cannot always come up with something amazing, you can make it so by conducting a flash sale. A flash sale is a limited time sale and with a limited inventory. The entire purpose of a flash sale is to sell the entire inventory in a very short span of time. One of the recent examples of flash sales used brilliantly are consumer electronics brands that launched their new models for just a short while when customers grab them on a first come first serve basis. Chances are that many customers would be disappointed but then they will have a chance again. Flash sale is also effective in getting a company some unparallel exposure. The whole social media will be abuzz talking about the flash sale and thus the company and what it offers.
  • Promotional discounts, coupons and codes work wonders online. Issuing such codes and coupons or periodically hosting certain promotions will certainly increase your sales through social media. People make impulsive decisions and you must capitalize on such purchasing tendencies.
  • There is a need to use all social media and social networking sites. Using any one site will not be sufficient. Most people who follow a certain brand or person will want to do so on all social platforms. Thus, a company must target its audience on all platforms to increase sales.
  • Free shipping is an excellent strategy to increase sales. You don’t have to offer this throughout the year. Just do it when you need some more sales. The freebie itself will become a reason enough for people to buy. You may not provide any additional discount as would be in case of other promotions.

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