If you have just held an event where you had a great turnout and both your sponsors and guest were happy, you may feel as if your work is done. However, event organizers should understand how important it is so engage guests after the event has ended. If you take the time to reach out to everyone who was involved in the event, it will enhance publicity, reaffirm the success, and it will also increase the chances that your attendance will be high for the event next year.

Here are a few tips for keeping the interest level for your event high, even after the event is in the books.

Say Thanks!

One of the best things that you can do is to make sure to thank everyone, from the people who attended to the sponsors and volunteers. A personalized email will go a long way. If you want to make it really personal send a handwritten thank you. You can also use social media to send messages to bloggers, guests, photographers, media personnel, and sponsors.

Recap & Revive

Use Facebook in order to keep your guests interested in the event. You should post as many videos and photos from the event as you can on your page. Encourage attendees to tag themselves so that your event shows up in their personal feeds. Ask your venue if they will share pictures from your event on their website and see if your videographer and photographer will also do this.

Post positive reviews from collaborators, attendees, speakers, and sponsors across each of your social media platforms. Continue to use the twitter hashtag that was created for the event.

Deliver Discounts

If you hold an annual event, one of the best ways to engage attendees is to offer discounted tickets for the event the next year. The thank you emails that you sent out are a great way to distribute a coupon code that could be redeemed online through a ticketing platform. This is a great way to reward your guests for their loyalty and their time. You can also use social media to provide discounts to attendees.

Goody Bags

Most guests look forward to the goody bags at an event, so you should give them what they want. Providing your guests with gifts that they can take home after the event will ensure that they have reminders of the event once they have left. If you held an event for charity, key chains or magnets with the organization on them are a great reminder for your attendees. If you hosted a wine tasting, a wine glass would be a great gift. Ask your sponsors to throw in some samples as well.

It is essential to keep your guests engaged throughout the year if you are going to establish a long term presences with your event. Use social media as a way to remind sponsors, guests, and contributors of how successful your event was. Using these simple tips is a great way to bring your event up to the next level.

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