Everyone suffers from stress. Right from a kid in middle school to a senior citizen, everyone is stressed. The only differences are the exact causes, the nature or severity of the stress and how they cope with it. Some people are more stressed than others but that doesn’t imply they are more severely stressed. Many people are only a tad stressed but they may fail to cope with it and that would ensure the stress keeps lingering.

There are event managers who are always suffering from hypertension and it shows in their tone, attitude and the haste they are perennially in. Then there are those who pull off some of the biggest events in the country with élan.

The secret lies in whether or not you can overcome your stress.

Here are four steps to shift from being stressed to being energized.

Step 1

Observe the symptoms of your stress. Some people get worked up and some people tend to be mellowed, some people become pessimistic while some become aggressive. The objective should be to pause for a moment, to regain yourself and to do exactly the opposite that your stress is compelling you to. If you are worked up, hypertensive and anxious, calm down and take deep breaths, rest for a while if needed and regain control of your nerve. If you are feeling depressed then you need to find something to cheer you up. Distract yourself for a while, focus on a positive development and energize yourself.

Step 2

You must identify the exact cause or causes of stress. In the event industry, there are dozens of issues at any given point in time that can stress you. Some issues will be under your control and some would be beyond. Those that are not within your realm or in your control cannot really be helped or attended to. Focus on what you can control. If you can do away with the cause of stress, then you don’t need to be stressed at all.

Step 3

Always try to find a solution to the problem that is causing stress. Many people try to avoid the causes of stress or simply remain distracted till the stress causing factor is no longer existent. That is not a wise move. Solving the problem that’s the crux of your stress will energize you like no other.

Step 4

Always find people who can help you to get some relief from stress. Don’t spend time with people who would stress you when you are already stressed. The event industry is full of people who would be too demanding, exhaustive to deal with and will also create problems when there are none. You need to balance this crowd with some acquaintances, friends or partners that can nullify the stress inducing components.


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