16 Sep 2015
September 16, 2015

3 Great Team Building Ideas

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As a business owner the one thing that you will learn early on in your career is that everyone works better when they’re able to work together as a team. Finding reputable team building ideas is essential to building a beneficial rapport with the people who work under you. Without the ability to turn to each other for support or for guidance, you won’t have a well-oiled corporate machine, instead you’ll have several different pieces trying to work together but not quite making it. The following team building ideas will bring everyone together much faster than lectures or weekly business meetings.

  1. Bike Treks

If you have a group of people that are physically inclined, try setting up a bike trek that everyone can participate in. You can divide your employees into groups of 4 or more and have them work together to navigate through a biking trail using a map and a compass. This will help everyone to learn how to work with each other out in the wilderness which can then be used in the office as well. Not to mention that it’s a healthier alternative than just sitting in the office together.

  1. Team Scavenger Hunts

If you have the time to plan a scavenger hunt it can be a fun and exciting activity that will get everyone’s adrenaline pumping. You can choose to put your employees into smaller teams so there is more competition for teams to find all of the items on the list before everyone else. This will help to sharpen their problem-solving skills and it will also enhance their concentration and productivity. After the event make sure that you plan a lunch or a dinner for everyone to reflect on the way that they performed. This will help to create bonds that will filter into the office so you have a stronger group of employees than ever before.

  1. Board Games

For a simpler type of team building idea, you can bring board games into the office and book a meeting room for everyone to play with games all day. Make sure that you choose team building games such as Clue, charades, Pictionary, or Scattegories. When everyone is able to feel comfortable in the office working together to achieve a common goal, it will become a regular habit. You will begin to find that the people who were put into teams will begin to work together every day.

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