The event industry doesn’t really witness any perennial change but certain trends take a firm grip and those drive the preferences or expectations of the clients. Some changes are expected because sensibilities keep changing and people grow to dislike old ways of doing things. Some changes are unexpected. The food trends have always been the most volatile, you may call it flexible. Over the years, the food trends have evolved and they have gone back to the basics. There was a time when food and drinks were not imperative at events. Then they became imperative and again they were not trending because people stopped endorsing it. Today, saner strategies are dominating the 2016 emerging food trends.

Here are the top five emerging food trends in 2016:

  • Eating from a bowl has become vogue. Incubated and popularized in the New York, the trend is now spreading nationwide. It has influenced many international event planners as well. It makes absolute sense to have a bowl with a bit of one or more dishes to munch on. It could be snacks or wholesome meals. That choice exists. Having the convenience of eating out of a bowl works for guests, it is convenient for the event planner and cost effective for the company hosting the event.
  • Appetizer or dessert only events are becoming popular. Unless it is a wedding or some kind of reception that has to be a gala, very few events need to ensure that every guest is full and satiated with the spread. One doesn’t really need a massive spread when the event is not about all you can eat evenings. Appetizer or dessert only events make great sense and it is no secret why thousands of companies have already endorsed the practice.
  • Four and five course meals are passé. America has been seriously conscious of health and diet for more a while now. Not many people attend a corporate meet or an industry event to gorge on all the dishes served. Three course meals are just about apt if the event involves lunch or dinner.
  • Organic produce is the biggest emerging food trend in 2016. As more people become conscious of what they eat, events declaring explicitly that the foods served have used organic produce will always gain more traction.
  • Healthy snacks and light beverages make up the top five of our emerging food trends in 2016.


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