A seasoned professional with a broad skill set, Teresa has worked in the retail, computer software, human resources, television production, and association management fields. Prior to joining AHCA/NCAL in June of 2005, Teresa enjoyed a long career as a television producer and researcher specializing in programs that both educate and entertain. Her programs aired on Discovery Channel, TLC, Travel & Living, and Discovery Wings as well as numerous non-broadcast credits. As the AHCA/NCAL Senior Director of Conference Programming, Teresa has strived to continually research and develop programming that is forward thinking and engaging. She facilitates the curriculum development for five national conferences. She established the webinar program into an important content delivery method and worked with the AHCA/NCAL team to develop and launch a learning management system and an elite trainer community. Teresa also transitioned the association into the online and app environments. Teresa has shared her knowledge on how to create an event program, why you should tell a story, the importance of partnering and how that shapes quality, getting presenters by reaching in your community.

To get in touch with Teresa, go to teyet@ahca.org


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